Unique & Fun Restaurants in London

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If you’re looking for a fun restaurant in London, with a unique dining experience, you’ll find some great possibilities on this list. We’ve lived in London for more than a few years now and we’ve found quite a few fun and exciting ways to dine around the city.

None of these dining experiences are locate inside a traditional restaurant. They all take place in unique locations that will give you a new perspective on the city. Be sure to book each of these well in advance, especially if you’re only in town for a short time, or you’re booking for a special occasion, since there is limited seating available.

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Fun Ways to Dine in London

1. Dinner on an Old Tube Train Car

Supper Club on the Tube

I bet you didn’t know that you can have a gourmet meal on an old London Underground train. It’s called Supperclub.Tube and it takes place aboard a decommissioned 1960s Victoria line car that’s parked at the  Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum.

Turns out this is the perfect special occasion treat. There were no less than four birthdays aboard when we visited. Others were celebrating anniversaries, having a fun date night out, or were just trying something new, like we were.

As far as unique locations for a fine-dining supper club goes, this one is at the top of our list for a reason. You may even become friends with the Underground again. Aside from the refurbished seating, all of the old signage and interior features remain untouched. You might be surprised how little has changed!

Dinner is a casual, yet gourmet affair, with seating throughout the train car at either two-person tables or group tables (it is a supperclub, after all). The night begins with a welcome drink. Then the plating begins (there’s no kitchen on the train, but some prep takes place at the front of the car).

Food on the Tube

Currently, the 6-course meal is Latin-inspired, created by head chef, Beatriz Maldonado Carreño (Bea), who hails from Colombia, by way of Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. The menu changes, but I have a feeling you’re always guaranteed a delightful meal.

Details: You can book a 2-3 person table for £55 or be seated at the group table for £49. Reservations are available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7pm to 9:30pm. Ticket price includes your meal and a welcome drink (other drinks are available for purchase).

Address: Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum, 10 South Access Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 8AX

2. Dining on a Double Decker Bus

The Bustronome bus
The Bustronome bus


You can combine two great London experiences in one with this incredibly unique dining experience. It’s a gourmet meal aboard a double-decker sightseeing bus. The company that offers this fun and tasty experience is called Bustronome. The innovative double-decker restaurant on wheels began in Paris and extended its tours to London in summer 2018.

You board the bus and are taken to your table about 15 minutes before departure, just as you would at any gourmet restaurant. The bus fits up to 38 people in 2-4 person tables.

bustronome seating

Of course, each table has a fantastic view out of the tall windows. The menu doubles as a tour guide. They use an innovative pen system to deliver information. As you near a stop of interest, you just hover the little pen device over the dot on the map and then listen to the audio track through the handheld device.

Details: Bustronome serves lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner aboard the bus. The dining experience varies depending on which meal you’re on board for. Lunch is a 4-course meal (with or without wine pairings). Dinner includes 6 courses. Afternoon tea can be with or without Champagne.

Tickets: Book a gourmet tour on the Bustronome here. Prices range from to £60 for afternoon tea to £150 for dinner with wine pairings

3. The Little Door Co.

Little Blue Door

Supper clubs are a fun way to break out of your normal dining pattern and try something new. It’s also a great place to meet new people. That’s the whole idea behind The Little Door Co.

The concept was started by actual flatmates who wanted to create a different kind of place to hang out. “Our aim is to create venues which feel like walking into a home by styling them around a fictional flat share. The result is a bar and restaurant concept which is welcoming, inviting and unpretentious.”

There are two locations: the original Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill and The Little Blue Door in Fulham. At both you can pop by for drinks, or stay for supper. They host supper club on Thursday and Friday, and have bottomless brunch on Saturday.

When you arrive at the door, just knock and you’ll be let into the living room where you can hang out until dinner starts. Once everyone has arrived, the party begins. Dinner is a 2-course affair with a welcome cocktail and optional bottomless Rose’. During dinner, there are party games to get to know the others at the table. You can wander about the house afterwards, or continue the party at the bar.

Booking: Make a booking by clicking the Just Knock button on their homepage


Finding something unique to do in London isn’t very difficult, but these little gems get hidden in the rough. We hope you’ll have a chance to visit some of these creative dining venues.

Know of another fun dining experience to include? Tell us about it in the comments.

(Disclaimer: We were invited to each of these dining experiences free of charge to try the experience. However, the opinions expressed in this post are entirely our own.)

Unique & Fun Restaurants in London

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